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*USB Floppy Enabler (Macintosh)

Enables you to use USB Floppy Drives, like the Imation SuperDrive, with MagiCMac. This (free) software is not by me, but from the company PACE Anti-Virus.

*PageSize Fix (Macintosh)

In case MagiCMac quit with the error message "Page Size must be 4096", you'll need this fix.

Simply launch it before MagiCMac. I suggest to put it into the Startup Items folder inside the System Folder.

This fix becomes obsolete with MagiCMac 6.1.

(Note: I wasn't able to verify its functionality by my own - if it doesn't work for you, let me know.)

*True Gray (Macintosh)

If you've connected a gray scale monitor to your Mac and if MagiCMac does not show the correct gray values, you could need this small application.

*Developer's docs to MagiCMac (Stuffit) (Macintosh format)

For ATARI- and MagiCMac-developers. Up to date with MagiCMac 2.1.

The docs tell you how you get your ATARI applications running properly under MagiCMac. Also, you'll find information how to access Mac OS functions, call PPC native code and other Mac specific stuff.

Unfortunately, this information is mostly in German language. However, there are some demo source codes included, which are commented and English and which should be self-explanatory.

Note: If you have no Macintosh but only an ATARI, you should better download the LZH version below.

*Developer's docs to MagiCMac (ZIP) (ATARI format)

Contains mostly the same files like the file above, but without the source codes specific to Macintosh.

Thomas Tempelmann, last update: Nov 15, 2003