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This page contains programming information about Mac OS that I assembled over the years and that might be helpful for others like you, too. Unless otherwise noted, all information is copyrighted 1999 by Thomas Tempelmann.


The Desktop Database (aka. DT DB)

Documentation about the DTDB

These articles have been written by me:

Desktop DB Diver (freeware)

This is a Macintosh application for viewing the contents of the Desktop Database. I used it to analyze the DTDB format and to test tools of mine like Reveal Creator.

It does not have much documentation yet. Some items have balloon help, however.

Usage: Either start to browse a DTDB from the given list of volumes, or open a document (either by using Open from the menu or by dragging a file onto the app) in order to view all applications that are registered in the DTDB for that creator.

New in version 1.0.6:

Download v1.0.6 here as a Stuffit Archive (940 KB) via http.

Some of my C libraries (free)

These are C source code files for different purposes that I frequently use in my own projects. Feel free to use them, too, but please leave my name as the originator in them in case others find your copies and want to get in contact with the author (me or whoever else).

Questions, comments? Write to macdev*tempel.org

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