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Arbed - License Purchase

Purchasing a License for Arbed enables the following operations:

  • Saving of edited projects
  • Source code output to HTML (for archiving and documentation purposes)

Two license types are offered:

  • Basic (US$ 29*) - Enables HTML export and saving of modified projects, including Comparison & Merging, except for the Localization and Obfuscation features.
  • Complete (US$ 89*) - No limitations - Enables all features.

A Basic license can be upgraded to a Complete license, at the price difference plus 15%. To purchase an upgrade, please contact me by e-mail, as I need to verify that you're eligible, after which I'll send you a coupon code that you can use to purchase the Complete license.

Please inquire for company and volume discounts.

* Note that the price does not include taxes for purchases from the EU, i.e. VAT will be added where applicable.

License Terms

You will purchase access to features in Arbed.

Therefore, this license grants you get a personal life-time access to Arbed's presently available functionality based on the license type. You can use it on as many computers as you own or work on.

The license will be personalized in the name and email address you provide during your purchase.

Before you buy, please make sure Arbed can open your projects without errors. Note that iOS projects are currently not fully supported (i.e. you may get errors opening such projects). If you find out after the purchase that there are issues with features that are only available with a valid license, such as saving projects, I will either fix the issue or offer you your money back. Apart from that, there will be no returns.

Purchase Now

Please email Thomas (see left) to request a license (specify whether you want basic or complete).

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