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Mac OS X Annoyances

A brief list of things that bug me about OS X

  • Finder.
    • Often forgets my view settings, putting my windows where I don't want them and in view modes I don't want.
    • The way of indicating Labels - the old way (in Classic Mac OS) where it colored the icon instead of its name was much better to read.
  • Spotlight.
    • Keeps starting to index volumes I don't want indexed. Today it even started indexing a already directory-damaged volume I was about to repair, probably causing more damage to its directory this way.
  • Time Machine.
    • Similar to Spotlight, keeps backing up volumes I don't want backed up. Last night I connected an external drive and stared to copy another drive's bad data to this fresh drive. In the morning Time Machine complained to me that it can't back it up further because it has more data on it than the backup volume can take. Took me a while to figure out how to even get rid of this unwanted backup from the TM volume again. Sure, I can tell TM not to back up particular volumes, but what I need is a mode where I get asked if I want to back up a newly appearing volume at all instead of TM silently assuming I want it backed up unless I tell it explicitly not to.
    • And during that last night's procedures TM also reported for the first time to me that it had an error during backup. As I didn't know what this meant or what needs to be done, I simply ignored it. Today I found that it lost all the previous backup instances! There's only one instance left, from last night.

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