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AppleScripts for iPhoto

I've made a few simple programs that assist in managing your pictures with iPhoto:

  1. Tag Missing Files: Checks if the original (or master) images are still accessible (you might have deleted the originals, or maybe they're just on another media or network volume that's currently not present). If these files are missing, they're tagged with the keyword "missing-file". You can then select those and delete them or handle them in other ways. To use, simply open iPhoto, then open this script. It will then check all your images in your library. You can also change it to check only select items in your library. To do that, open the .app file with Script Editor (inside /Applications/Utilities/) and change the setting for appliesToEntireLibrary from true to false, then save and re-run it.
  2. Tag non-RAW and RAW+ images: Finds pairs of RAW+ files, i.e. their RAW and JPG representations, and assigns keywords "has-raw" and "non-raw" to them. That lets you then select the ones with "has-raw" and delete them, knowing that you'll still have RAW versions of the images. To use it, select the images in iPhoto that you want to have checked, then open the script.
  3. There's another script that attempts to find duplicates, but it's not working reliably yet. Feel free to open it in Script Editor and play with it.

In any case - all these scripts do cause no real damage, as all they do is add tags to photos. You can then find the photos tagged with these keywords and decide what to do with them. If something goes wrong, you'll just end up with a few extra keywords on your pictures, which you can easily locate and remove in iPhoto. Download the scripts from here:


(Disclaimer: They're effectively open source - feel free to edit and enhance them as you like, there's nothing secret about them. Oh, and they're using code by Bill Cheeseman - thanks to Bill for that!)

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