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Using Arbed with SourceTree for comparing Xojo projects

You can set up the Version Control software SourceTree to use Arbed as a diff viewer for Xojo project files:

  • Open the Preferences (Windows: Tools->Options) from the menu, switch to the Diff tab
  • Under External Diff, set the Diff Tool: to Other or Custom.
  • For Diff Command:, enter the POSIX (Unix-like) path to the Arbed executable. On OS X, you can drag Arbed's icon into this field to enter set its path. Note that on OS X you then need to append /Contents/MacOS/Arbed to the path behind "Arbed.app". For example, if Arbed.app is inside your main Applications folder, the path on OS X would be: /Applications/Arbed.app/Contents/MacOS/Arbed. On Windows, dragging may not work. Since SourceTree uses mingw, i.e. a Unix-like shell, internally, the path to Arbed.exe needs to be using POSIX notation, not Windows, i.e. it needs to be something like /c/Users/yourname/Downloads/ArbedWin/Arbed.exe rather than ''C:\Users\yourname\Downloads\ArbedWin\Arbed.exe'. You can figure out the correct path on Windows by opening the Terminal from SourceTree, which opens a mingw shell, and then dragging Arbed.exe from Explorer to the Terminal window.
  • For Arguments:, enter: --showdiff -showAlerts -noExternals "$LOCAL" "$REMOTE" (On Windows, enter the same but without the quotes!)

With that, you can have Arbed show the differences of a RB Project file by right-clicking on it in SourceTree, then choosing External Diff from the contextual menu or selecting the file and choosing "External Diff" from the Actions menu, or by typing cmd+D (or ctrl-D on Windows).

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