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This is a list of various web links where you can find code I have either written myself or added to (such as open source projects), or that I just recommend because I use them myself:

  • Animating windows and controls in Xojo Cocoa apps - My approach at using Cocoa's NSViewAnimation. Mac OS X Cocoa only.
  • Dynamic Menu Items - Overlay multiple menu items in one row (e.g. Cmd-W for "Close Window" and Cmd-Option-C for "Close All"). Mac OS X only.
  • Persistent Objects - store your data in a DB without the usual hassles such as SQL and RecordSets.
  • AquaticPrime library - license verificaton for your products you want to sell (see also this tutorial)
  • Custom-EditField - an TextEdit control to display formatted and highlighted text (XML, REALbasic code and more).
  • MacOSLib - access to lots of native OS X function (Cocoa, Core Foundation, Core Graphics and more).
  • ZipPackage - read and write Zip files on all platforms.
  • ListboxDoubleClickFix - support double clicks in multi-selection Listboxes properly.
  • RegisterExtension - A class to associate a file extension in Microsoft Windows.
  • OpenLingua - a clone of Lingua with a few improvements, open source.
  • TCMPortMapper - opens router ports for your internet-enabled server application, via PnP or NAT-PMP.
  • Localization - all you need to know to translate a REAL Studio-made application into other languages.
  • AppStoreGuide - REALbasic applications and the Mac App Store.
  • RBSparkle - code for handling application update checking.
  • AppleEvents - how to make your OS X app scriptable (AppleScript).
  • TT's classes and plugins - my own contributions, partially a bit outdated.


  • Spotlight Importer - Make your projects searchable with Spotlight on OS X.
  • Arbed - Powerful project editor with multi-file search, project comparison and many more features.

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