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Sparkle for REALbasic (with RBSparkle)

Brief info: (more should come later, or just ask!)

Sparkle is a framework that facilitate and automates update-checks for Mac OS X Cocoa apps.

There's also a version for OS X Carbon apps, and a adaption for REALbasic, by Charles Yeomans, here: http://www.declaresub.com/article/67/sparkle-for-realbasic

All those version have two problems, though: 1. As a REALbasic programmer, you can not really look at the source code and influence how it behaves 2. It doesn't work on Windows nor Linux.

So I've written a "clone" in pure RB that is compatible to Sparkle, and which works on all platforms.

However, it does not completely replace Sparkle. It has the following major limitations:

  • Only reports about updates, but doesn't install them.
  • No localizations for non-english yet.

Download my RBSparkle source here: http://files.tempel.org/RB/Sparkle/TTsSparkle.rbp.zip

Be sure to read the original Sparkle documentation to understand how to configure it (which mainly involves setting up the appcast.xml file).

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