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Spotlight Importer for Xojo & Real Studio projects


This is a Spotlight Importer for Mac OS X 10.7 and later that enables searching in Xojo and Real Studio project files with Spotlight by indexing them whenever they get saved or updated on a local disk.

Special Features

Besides indexing every text in your project files for general Spotlight search, this plugin additionally creates a separate index of all class names of all binary projects. You can use this in two ways:

1. If you do a Get Info in Finder for a .rbp file, you'll find all class names listed in the "More Info" pane.

2. You can explicitly search for class names by using Finder's Find dialog. For instance, to find all RB projects that have a window or class named "foo", press on the (+) button on the right of the Find window to add a new search criteria. In the leftmost popup menu, choose Other.... In the list that appears, find the Xojo class entry, check its In Menu box and close the dialog with OK. Now you can choose Xojo class from the criteria popup menu, and then enter your seeked class name, e.g. "foo" to find only .rbp files actually declaring such a class or window, not other files containing this word.


Place the file (Xojo.mdimporter) into the Spotlight folder inside the root volume's Library folder (/Library/Spotlight).

If there is already one, remove that first and run this command in Terminal.app to wait for it being unregistered (this can take about a minute):

echo "Waiting for importer to get unloaded…"; while [ $(mdimport -L 2>&1 | grep -q 'Xojo.mdimporter'; echo "$?") == "0" ]; do sleep 2; done

Once the new importer has been copied to the Spotlight folder, issue the following two lines in Terminal.app (can take about a minute):

echo "Waiting for importer to get loaded…"; while [ $(mdimport -L 2>&1 | grep -q 'Xojo.mdimporter'; echo "$?") != "0" ]; do sleep 2; done
mdimport -r /Library/Spotlight/Xojo.mdimporter

You may also want to check if there are other (older) copies of the importer around (including those inside older Real Studio and Xojo IDEs), and delete all of them to prevent them from being used. To see all installed plugins, use this command:

mdimport -L

Look for importers that have either "Studio" or "Xojo" in their name and delete all but the one you just installed.


To check if the importer works, create a new project in the Xojo IDE, add a unique text or method to it, and save it as a binary file, e.g. to "test.xojo_binary" or to "test.rbp". Then use Spotlight to look for that unique name. It should list the newly saved project file.


Current version: 3.5 (supports Xojo 2016r1)

Download: http://files.tempel.org/RB/Xojo-Spotlight-Importer.zip

The importer is free for anyone's use.

Page last modified on 2016-04-06, 18:17 UTC (do)
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