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REALbasic - Tips, Tricks & Bugs

This is a quick reference to bugs and other good-to-know things that I've encountered over time.

Mac OS X related caveats

  • Using the Font names "System" or "SmallSystem" on a Japanese OS X system will render the fonts wrong. Work-arounds: (a) set the font name to an empty string (and use size 11 for "SmallSystem"), (b) build for Cocoa instead of Carbon.

Microsoft Windows related caveats

  • Avoid using the SmallSystem font. Instead, use "System" as font name and 11 for the font size.
  • Placing a GroupBox onto a PagePanel can cut off its label if (a) a non-zero font size is used and (b) the user chose to adjust the overall text sizes to be 125% or 150% for "better readability".
Page last modified on 2011-05-27, 17:45 UTC (do)
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