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This demonstrates a bug on OS X with RB 2009r2.1 when the Appearance option "Click in the scroll bar to: Jump to here" is chosen.

Update 5 November 2010: The bug's still present in RB 2010r4.1

You can download the source code of the demo app here:


First, make sure you have enabled the scroll bar options as follows:

If you run the demo app, you'll see it like this:

Now if you click at the lowest possible area of the scroll bar, the scroll indicator will move there, but the list contents won't follow correctly:

And if you click to the very top of the scroll bar, same thing happens again:

I wonder if someone knows how to fix this right now, apart from hoping RS may eventually fix it.

Page last modified on 2010-11-05, 23:14 UTC (do)
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