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Here you will find the Newton Desktop Utility and the Newton Data Browser, for backing up your Newton Messagepad data to a PC or Mac, install Packages, and much more.


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The software by me

Package File Type Fixer

Do you have trouble selecting a .pkg file on the Mac (OS 7-9) for upload by one of the various Programs (e.g. NCU)? Then try this tool which, when you drop your .pkg file onto it, will change its File Type to "pkg " and its Creator Code to "1NCU".

Download here (15 KB)

Newton Data Browser (aka. Newton DIL Tester)

Current Version: 1.5.2, released Feb 25, 2001 (Mac OS PPC and Windows, no 68K, no Mac OS X!)

Note: If you need a software to sync your data with your desktop computer, and if you have Mac OS X, try NewtSync.

Note 2: If you want to upload packages via IrDA (infrared) to your Newton from a Mac with IrDA (e.g. PowerBook, some iMacs), try the IrDA Package Installer from Jerome Vernet, which may give you better results than my software. Also, search the other sites for Escale, which is a package installer for Mac OS X.

What it can do right now


Features planned for future versions

Download the last official version 1.5.2 (released Feb 25, 2001)

Download the last "unreleased" development version

This version may work better or not. Try at your own risk (and do not try out the new operations under the "Object" menu or you'll likely destroy data on your Newton! Seriously - that was a work in progress which never worked out).

Note: this is the Application only - get the rest from the above "official" version.

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